"Recycling Old Surfboards One at a Time"

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   We would like to thank you for visiting our website, as we are starting

something that we hope, will give back to our earth as it gives us so much.

Our idea is simple; find used, old, broken and discarded surfboards and manufacturing pieces which are on their way to the landfill and make art out of them.

It all started with a small shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida called Cocoa

Beach Surf & Skate. We were getting a lot of surfboards brought in

that were not fixable or people were dropping them off with us for lack

of a better place to abandon them. To us, old boards are cool, they have a history, someone rode waves with these surfboards, some have been around the world riding huge surf, how many barrels or off the lips have these surfboards seen?  We

would just hold on to them, since repair was to much to even break even at the surf shop with a repair, so some people would buy them for their

back patios, restaurant, tiki bar etc? which was fine, it would keep another surfboard

out of the landfill and made us feel like we were making a difference.

One day we were talking with an artist friend of ours, bouncing

around ideas of what to do with these old surfboards. Chuck had a  good

one so he took the board. Well, when he brought it back and we were

BLOWN AWAY. He took an old surfboard that was headed for the

landfill and made it look brand new with some amazing art! The Recycled

Surfboard Art Program was started that day.




Recycled Surfboards Art Project

Jayme Noe