"Recycling Old Surfboards One at a Time"

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We are now serving two areas, Central Florida and Southern California. We are looking to expand into Northern California, Texas, Western Florida and the Central East Coast.

We currently have over a dozen artists on board and are always looking for new artists to work with us. Everyone seems to be pitching in from local trash men looking for boards in dumpsters on their routes to surfboard repair shops helping out with the prep work.

The money we make on the sale of the Recycled Surfboards goes right back in to fixing them up, which gives our ding repair people work , then on to the artist who has a canvas to work with, which in turn gives them work, then the sales man who sells the Recycled Surfboard Art, which gives him work. The rest goes into promotions, website maintenance, materials, etc... You see we want this to be worldwide, just think how many surfboards get thrown away; Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Every Year, Mind Boggling....and sad too.

 We hope you will help us find a better way to save Old Surfboards from the dump! Each and every board has a history, if they could only talk... Not only are you helping the Earth but you get some great art that is one of a kind and at a great price! All Recycled Surfboards are all originals so no two are alike. So like the history of a surfboard, now you have some great art for your home, office, Tiki Bar, restaurant, really anywhere!



Jayme Noe