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Old Surfboards Become An Unlikely Artistic Canvas

by Sara Novak, Columbia, SC



surfers  have always been known to have a connection with nature, they're one on one with the planet every time they take to the waves. And it comes as no surprise that many surfers also consider themselves environmentalists. One such conscious surfer in Cocoa Beach, FL has found a new way to keep old surfboards from their former destiny at the landfill.

The Recycled Surfboard Art Program is turning used surfboards once headed for the landfill, into creative art that depicts Mother Earth at her best. It all started when surf shop owner Jayme Noe began collecting surfboards that were beyond repair because he just couldn't bare to throw them away. He gave customers a small credit toward their new surfboard in exchange for their old boards. Periodically, restaurant and bar owners would use the boards as wall art in their businesses or patrons would turn them into Tiki bars for their homes. When an artist friend showed Noe a sample of his surfboard art, Noe was blown away and the The Recycled Surfboard Art Program was born.

Today, Noe recycles old boards from across the area to be turned into unique art. Each of the four artists that paint for him convey a unique style on the board. Money from the sale of the boards goes to pay for the board's preparation before its painted, staff, artists, and then right back into the program. So if you're looking to find a good use for your elderly surfboard, now you've found it.

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Recycled Surfboards Art Project

Florida surf shop owner starts innovative new project.
Written by David McNamara
Posted 13:58 GMT on March 31, 2010

Unwanted and damaged surfboards are being given a new lease of life thanks to the Recycled Surfboards Art Project.

The initiative is run by Jayme Noe, a surf shop owner from Cocoa Beach, Florida who grew tired of seeing old surfboards simply go to waste.

Through the scheme, Jayme aims to give artists and board repair specialists much needed funding whilst saving unwanted surfboards from the landfill by making them reusable or turning them into works of art.

Have a look at their website and enjoy the vast number of vibrant creations that have come from disused boards.

If you have a board that is going to waste, drop them a line and find out if they are willing to take it off your hands!

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First This, Now That: 6 Awesome Recycle or Reuse Projects

They were born in a completely different whelm and you won't believe what they turned into.

Wed Jun 30, 2010

Surfers have long held a close connection to the planet. After all, Mother Earth could turn at any point and it is her waves that make many a surfer an addict. That's why surf shop owner Jayme Noe began collecting surfboards that were beyond repair; he just couldn't bear to throw them away.The Recycled Surfboard Art Program is turning used surfboards into a creative outlet for local artists. Jayme gives customers a small credit toward their new surfboard in exchange for their old boards. Today, The Recycled Surfboard Art Program has two locations, one in Cocoa Beach and one in San Diego.

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Ever wonder where those old unwanted surfboards end up? You might think surfboard heaven but the reality is that most end up in a landfill for decades if not longer. Well now there is beautiful alternative to dumping those old boards… turn them into art! Recently, I came across a great surfboard art program called the Recycled Surfboards Art Program based in Florida, that, essentially reuses old unwanted surfboards and turns them into truly amazing pieces of artwork. The program currently has four artists on board and is engaged in an “economic” recycling program of its own. The way they see it, the money they make on the sale of a recycled surfboard goes right back in to fixing it up, that gives their ding repair person work, then on to the artist who has a canvas to work with, which in turn gives him work, then the salesman who sells the Recycled Surfboard Art gives him work, with the rest goes into promotion, website, materials, etc. A truly enterprising program down in Florida! For more about the Recycled Surfboards Art Program please visit: