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Weather you want a gift for someone, getting married, matching the color tones in your home, office, bar, restaurant, we have a solution to make the right Custom Recycled Surfboard to fit your needs! Contact Jayme at 321.831.2298 to go over the options today.
Above we have a Recycled Surfboard sent to Hawaii, a request for the popular peice "The Cove" with palms! Nice!
Above we have a custom order from ZARA who wanted a giraffe with guys around a campfire since this was a gift for here brother and he has a band with giraffe in the album covers! kewl huh!
Above we have the board we did for Josh and Temple, they got married on 11-11-11, and we did a Recycled Surfboard with the Huntington Beach Pier, inside a wave, we left the left side of the board blank, as requested, so they could use the board as a sign in board for their wedding.

If you have a board you would like painted, even if it is new or you have a custom piece of work you would like feel free to contact us for more information.

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