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Recycled Surfboards Art Project Artist Chuck Crawford
Chuck Crawford

Moved here in 1977 from Jersey, fell in love with surfing, started to paint for Richard Salick while still in high school.Took some surf trips,fell in love with the tropics and have geared my art towards surfers Paradise
   .Music has always played a large role in my life.Playing blues at a funky bar on the beach is as good as it gets. Painting guitars and making my cigarbox sliders allow me to express my art with both passions.I love hot rods,pinup,and pinstripe,which all has taken my art in new directions.
  My new gig with Jayme is great because I love to take something used up , and find a new use for it,as I did with the fenceboard art.
  Now my daughter has the surf bug and has brought me  back to the water more.Looking forward to more fun in the sun and inspired moments to help my art.

Chuck "Papa Chuck" Crawford


Chuck Crawford was our first Artist onboard the project!