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Heather Everett
© 2010 Heather Everett - "Soul Arch"
Soul Arch

    I started painting in June of 1998. I credit this bold directional change to a game...the "painting game" that was introduced to me by an inspirational, creative genius type friend in New York City.

I started taking classes at the South Florida Art Center in the Fall...the basics, drawing and painting. The encouragement I received from my instructors, friends, and the people around me confirmed what I had felt from the start...I needed to do this for real.


    I moved to Paris in 2000, and had my first exhibition there with Atelier Artmonique. Since then I have been exhibiting with artist groups and solo, in restaurants, businesses, galleries,art centers, and the occasional festival.


    I moved to Satellite Beach in 2003 and introducts myself and my work to the South Brevard Community at various art festivals, and my local clientele grew quickly. My continuing sucess encouraged me to open the Heather Everett Studio and Gallery in 2005 where I continued to expand my artistic horizons, to exhibit my works, and to teach both oils and acrylics for adults and children. I am currently teaching art to the children at the indian Harbour montessori School, and at the Satellite beach Community Center. My eclectic style-which I describe as "Radically Simplified Chromatic Abstraction" - is vibrant and joyful while resisting simple classification.

    My aim is to evoke joy in the viewer, while educating the masses on the importance of art, and to do this on a global level.