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Jasmine Shinness
Copyright 2010 all rights reserved- respect the artist
Hope Tree - ORIGINAL - oil painting - By: Jasmine Shinness
Print of original painting Girl in Satin Dress By: Jasmine Shinness


I was born in Dallas, TX, but have spent most of my life in Nashville,
TN and just moved to the Merritt Island area this spring. As soon as
I was able to hold my first crayon and scribble for the first time, I
have been making artwork. Throughout my years in school, if not day
dreaming in class, I was drawing on usually whatever was nearby
including my hands, desk, and clothing. Naturally I continued with
this hobby for fun, but have also used my artistic experience
professionally as a graphic designer. I also have experimented with
making jewelry since I was a little girl. This too has carried over
into my professional life. My designs combine the geometric with the
more natural and organic elements, which stems from my love of
nature. I love to combine striking colors and contrasting shapes to
create an almost dreamy, ethereal expression. My expression does not
stop with the visual arena. I grew up in a musical family and
developed a love for musical expression. This led to me creating my
own music eventually, which has a similar "dreaminess" as my
paintings. My musical project is still in the works. Dancing is
another outlet for me as well. I have taught dance professionally and
use it as a fun, expressive, creative experience. I am constantly
fascinated by the connection between music, dance, and visual art.
They are all creative expressions. but with very different mediums,
and yet it amazes me how a sound, a shape, or body movement can
express or evoke a similar emotion.

As an artist I find myself creating art not only because I enjoy the
satisfaction of accomplishment through colors and visual elements, but
because creativity naturally pours out of who I am. On a technical
level, the pieces of my fine art collection are painted with oils,
acrylic, guash and india ink. I also incorporate some collage for
texture including materials such as road map and tiny glass marbles.
Sometimes I start with a specific idea in mind, and other times I find
myself drawing or painting with nothing but pure emotion and passion
behind every line and stroke, creating each element of the overall
design on the spot. When creating a piece, my visual goal is to first
capture the viewers interest with bold colors and striking, but
simplistic imagery. Within the visual elements of my artwork I often
express themes that revolve around hope, renewal, change, rebirth,
beauty, mystery and love. Whether planned out or created
spontaneously, all of my artwork reveals pieces of my own heart's life